Authors :- Rucha Pupala , Jalaj Shukla

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 Volume 3 Issue 2

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An Automobile vehicle is prone to various faults due to more complex integration of electro-mechanical components. Due to the increasing stringency of emission norms improved and advanced electronic systems have been widely used. When different faults occur it is very difficult for a technician who does not have sufficient knowledge to detect and repair the electronic control system. However such services in the after sales network are crucial to the brand value of automotive manufacturer and client satisfaction. Development of a fast, reliable and accurate intelligent system for fault diagnosis of automotive engine is greatly urged. In this paper a new approach to Off- Board diagnostic system for automotive engine, and more particularly, to an off-board digital analyzer for diagnosing the fault in vehicle systems is presented. A diagnostic tool was designed and developed by Ram Kumar Arunachalam and Kapil G Krishnan of VE Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Patent no. 131/MUM/2015. It is an automated method and system for vehicle diagnostics and health evaluation by a service Technician. The invention will clearly identify and display the faulty component by means of measuring electrical parameters automatically, without the assistance or intervention of a tool or a technician.
Keywords—Electronic; In-vehicle; Diagnostics; Intelligent; Control; Analyzer;