Authors :- Wahyu Rifai , Mokh. Suef

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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Spazio Tower 2 is a building construction developed in Surabaya using Top Down Construction Method. The method is selected in order to streamline the processing time, due to fulfil stake holder requirements. However, in practice there are definitely a project delay risks. Therefore the Spazio Tower project stake holders need a good risk management to get the desired results. Thispaper reports a study isto identify the risks involved in the construction of Spazio Tower 2 Surabaya and to prepare some management actions needed to response the identified risks. Identification of the risk was conducting by using Risk Breakdown Structure. Some expert were involved to assess the level of the risks. Priority of the risk was analyzed by mean of the Risk Priority Number. Risk Mapping was also outlined in order to show the risk classification. Finally, several planned actions are prepared with respect to respond each identified risks. Further analysis of the risks was also studied by using Analytical Network Process to anticipate the present of corelation among the risks. The result shows that some of the risks are interconnected and feedback systematically.
Keywords:-Risk Analysis;Construction Project; Building; Analitycal Network Process; Top Down construction Method.