Authors : M.B. Banakar, Dr. C.S. Yatnalli.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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Women contribute to the Indian economy in many ways. Apart from her importance in the social framework, a woman’s vital role in village centric community activities, protecting our culture and in determining the consumption attitude makes her special for the economy and society of India. The NonGovernmental Organizations are playing a significant role in the empowerment of disadvantaged women, helping them stand on their own through such programmes as socio-economic programmes, vocational training and other similar programmes. It is believed that providing programmes to women has multiple effect. Thus this study is an attempt to study the NGOs’ role in the empowerment of women entrepreneurship development.
The paper made an analytical framework to analyze the factors relating to problems and developmental issues in used institutional theory. This study found some problems faced by women’s entrepreneur of Haveri district. This study also suggested some policies and their possible implications for improving women entrepreneurship so that they can make contribution to the economic development.
Keywords:- Women Entrepreneurship; NGO, Economic Development.