Authors :-Patil Varsha, Prof. K. N. Shedge.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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To avoid redundant data storage on cloud data, deduplication is important aspect in cloud storage platform. Cross client data deduplication technique is widely used on cloud storage servers. The MLE scheme supports secure data deduplication checking. Along with the data security data integrity is important aspect. This work aims to provide a framework for secure data deduplication and data auditing. UR-MLE2 scheme helps to check deduplication whereas data auditor is responsible for data integrity checking. To improve the system performance dynamic binary decision tree is used to check data deduplication. Dynamic binary tree updates the tree data as per user modification or deletion of user data. The system performance will be evaluated based on execution time.
Keywords:- binary decision tree data deduplication, Convergent key, data auditing, message locked encryption.