Authors : Allenki Shiva Santosh.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Brutal cyber attacks these days tend to shut down the control systems of all companies and prolonged use of this results in a cyber war. Urge of new security system is required in today security management which is called as Enterprise security management ESM which is a integrated network system comprises of firewall, internet protocol etc. The present security management system has capability of shielding the data from outside sources and all the traffic inflows from outside to inside. The security system suggests that intelligence of security by determining the relation between security and data events from the network system. This mechanism is done by Big data. It also applies Distribution based technology through the security log system. This attacks include active attacks, passive attacks, SQL injection attacks.
Keywords:- Big Data, Log analysis, Security, Cyber attack, Trojans and Malwares.