Authors :- A.Mohan, D.Manikandan, G.Manikandan, M.Raghava sai kumar, G.Sudharsan.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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This project undertaking manages a trial did to deliver gyroscopic impact on the model. The model is a two wheel vehicle in which turning circles conferred go about as gyrator to create a counterbalancing power (gyroscopic impact) when the vehicle model loses adjust on either sides. In this manner the vehicle settles itself. Wherein regardless of whether an outside power is connected to the framework the power sensors conveyed in it sense the power and build up a power of comparable size yet inverse way because of quality of two gyrators utilized as a part of the vehicle, hence the vehicle does not free it’s adjust regardless of whether the outer power is connected to it.
Keyword: Gyroscope, Gyroscopic effect, selfstabilize.