Authors :-V Suresh , P.S.G. Raju,A. Jaya Sri,S.A.S.R.Nikhil, B. Naresh.

Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 6

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new evolution in technological advancement taking place in the world today. This paradigm allows physical world objects in our surroundings to be connected to the Internet. This idea comes to life by utilizing two architecture; the sensing entity in the environment that collects data and connects itself to the cloud and the Cloud Service that hosts the data from the environment. The combination of wireless sensor networks and cloud computing is becoming a popular strategy for the IoT era. The cold chain requires controlled environment for sensitive products in order for them to be fit for use. The monitoring process is the only assurance which tells if a certain process has been carried out successfully. Taking advantage of IoT and its benefits to monitor cold chain logistics will result in better management and product handling. This project comprises a system of Arduino, sensor and Xively sensor cloud which can be an ideal system to monitor temperature of cold chain logistics.
Keywords :- IoT, Cloud Computing, Cold Chain Logistics, Arduino, Sensors.