Authors :- P. S. Sagar, Ch. V. R. Murthy

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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The accumulation of organic carbon in many freshwater locations and the effluents from industrial plants joining the rivers and seas has great concern. It is becoming increasingly important to investigate how to degrade many troublesome contaminants and their biological oxidations in waste. The kinetic and study state degradation of Phenol with solution suspended Candida Slooffi, Sacchromycescervasiae & mixed culture bacteria for the effect of operating parameters initial concentrations of Phenol and % degradation of Phenol at lower concentrations both the bacteria are suitable the percentage degradation is comparable with the literature values therefore these industrially available low cost bacterium may be used for the effluent treatment of phenolic waste waters.
Keywords:-Biodegradation, F/M Ratio, Inhibition, Growth Rate, Acclimatization.