Authors :-Dina Darwish.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Quick changes in learning materials, variability ofthe learners’ knowledge and the inability to determine the learner’s advances in learning can make e-learning systems inefficient due to their inflexibility in dealing with these factors. In this paper, for managing such issues, a smart ontological approach is proposed, including the design and the implementation of the system; covering its components from ontology design to web development. The proposed Smart E-Learning Ontology based Web System (SELOWS) allows learners easily to determine their learning needs. This system stores all the activities of the learners and updates their profiles according to their behaviors in education and tests offered in the site. Besides, SELOWS proposes the activities that the learner must do based on the learner profile. This system enables giving feedback to learners about their progress and is characterized by the ease of integration of its components.
Keywords:- Smart e-learning system, Learner’s profile, Ontology based data, Web development, System design and implementation.