Authors : Aadit Prabhu, Anjali Dwivedi, Abhishek Shah, Vikas More.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 10

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The current working system is “Cam Scanner”, It is a application software that is used for scanning and sharing of documents. Being best at its work Cam Scanner lacks at one thing that is having the functionality of editing the file. Smart Editor is a tool that can be used for fetching and editing information from scanned documents mainly image type. The documents will be scanned and desired result will be obtained. It would basically work on the principle of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The main aim is to use Document Image Analysis (DIA) to convert documents of physical paper format to digital format which can be later processed/ edited by the user. The scope of the project is that login credentials can be given to the user to make it more secure. Also two-way editing can be made possible only to the authorized users. This tool would also help to decrease the usage of paper, and thus prevent global warming that is mainly caused due to loss of trees as everything would be digitized.
Keywords:- Cam Scanner, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Document Image Analysis (DIA), digital format, authorized user, usage of paper.