Authors :- Priyanka P.Chandak , A. J. Agrawal.

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 6

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Smart farming system is modern & adept technology developed, which makes use of smart & hi tech agriculture methods for maximize the crop yield by smartly managing them. The implemented smart farming system provides autonomous and sophisticated mechanism to improve crop yield. The paper will debrief about overview & software been developed for current system. The system makes use of several parameters for functioning includes data mining methods, satellite weather info, internet based searched data & etc. Clustering algorithm is used, that decides the output according to the historical data present in dataset. Smart farming system gives the suggestion of using adequate amount of water without wasting it according to certain parameters also fertilizer to be used to increase crop yield and pesticides to be used in case of any diseases or insect attacks.The system is exact solution for increasing the field productivity & producing maximum crop yield without wastage of resources.
Keywords: Data Mining, Satellite Information, Preprocessing, Smart Decision System.