Authors :-Punitha.D, P.K. Sandeep, Shaik Hussain Arshad, Yogesh Singhvi.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Ability to model and predict the power consumption is essential in minimizing the usage of electricity and cost in power management. There are several factors such as various home appliances, sensors, microcontrollers and wireless devices on which power consumption of a home is dependent. With new technologies evolving every day, various remote access and monitor network enabled appliances can be used. Using various machine to machine communications where devices are connected wirelessly leading to Internet of Things (IoT). An IoT based smart home automation system where various electric components are controlled wirelessly and its usage is monitored and developed continuously. In addition, the system also keeps computing power consumption of the appliances throughout the day which gives the user knowledge on power being consumed over a period of time. Fuzzy logic algorithm is used for performing various calculations for prediction of the power consumption and bill generation for current month and next month.
Keywords:- Prediction, Fuzzy Logic, internet of Things (IoT).