Authors :-Aditya Raj Malaiya, Nishant Kumar, Arjun Kansagara, Amol Kadam.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Cloud computing is one of the most widespread technology in recent time which has vigorously changed the nature of a business. Internet of Things is another technology which has impressed the day to day of human being. Improvement in Cloud computing and Internet of things can be united and functional for solving real-time difficulties. In our research work, we have combined the Internet of Things technology and an Android application using cloud computing to design an enhanced intelligent parking system. Overview for designing an Intelligent parking system has been narrated in this paper with an architecture diagram. The difference between this mechanism and the other existing systems is that we intent to make our system as less human dependent and less physical actions as possible by automating the cars and the entire parking lot. To solve the traffic congestion difficulty, we require a superior mechanism in the parking area to measure empty space, Services and show the information to the people who looking for the empty space for Parking lot. The reservation process is happening only by the user. Hence the user discovers the unfilled parking lot and makes the action of booking through an internet access by an Android Application with driver’s own knowledge Parking Lot.
Keywords:- Internet of Things, Android Application, Raspberry Pi, Smart Parking, Cloud Computing.