Authors :-Ms. Swati Kshirsagar, Prof. Nikhil Bhalerao,

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 7

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This paper includes the study of smart utilization of land and preparation of land use land cover map of the study area by using ARC-GIS software. This map shows how land use changes over past for carrying out various urban planning and management activities by utilizing Google earth images which is open source. The objective of this study is to map and assess the rate of change. Land use land cover changes at the study area which can help decision makers to replan the use of natural resources efficiently. If budget is a constraint in purchasing high resolution satellite imagery, then one could consider utilizing free Google earth images as proposed study. Land use land cover changes is considered one of the most important signal of regional environmental changes. Smart city projects are important for urban policies in as much as they allow for a reinvention of territories, smart city is a good programme because it can aim at developing a new form of modernity and civilization of productive platform. Arc GIS is used to distinguished the land pattern. Smart is nothing but digitalization. ARC-GIS is used for representation of data on map at different scale. Total area is spilt into agricultural, residential, water bodies, open land etc. There is observable change in land use land cover map of study area occurred in last decade.
Keyword – Land use land cover map, Satellite imagery, Land utilization, ARC-GIS.