Authors :-Laxman S. Balgude, Rakesh H. Shinde, Akash R. Yadav, Mrs. Rupali D. Burungale.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Aim of the paper to study & Starting of an induction motor is a process that creates many challenging problems for the motor, and operations of the power system. The induction motor can be damaged, characteristics can be changed, and performances of the motor can be worsened. We designed an integrated soft starter that includes voltage ramp soft start, current limit soft start, voltage jump soft start based on PIC16F877A. By connecting 6 MOSFETs in anti-parallel manner as switches to give voltage in steps to start motor.
A soft starter is a relatively new device and is used for smooth start of induction motors, particularly medium voltage motors, and adds flexibility in the operation and the interoperability. It is an integration of complex power control apparatus for reducing starting current in a medium voltage solid state soft- starter. 6 MOSFETs are connected as 2 units for one phase as switches and reduced voltage bye operating MOSFETs in various regions.
Keywords:- Soft Starter, Medium Voltage, MOSFETs, PIC16, Induction Motor, Switches.