Authors :-M.S. Priyanka, Dr. S. Suresh Babu, Purushothaman B M.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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This paper discusses the application of geographical information system (GIS) to map monthly and yearly solar radiation using raster surface. Solar analysis is an important key factor in many areas like roof top solar analysis, installing photovoltaic and site selection for solar panel placing. Aster DEM as given lot of possibilities for solar analysis. This study has been made to calculate solar potential using Arc GIS over Vellore Taluk. The potential analysis brings out the maximum and minimum solar radiation of every month of 2017 by using “Area Solar Radiation” tool in Arc GIS software. The output solar radiation obtained in Watt per square meter are converted to Kwh/m2. Finally the result is feasible to derive incoming solar radiation with acceptable accuracy.
Keywords :- DEM, Solar Radiation, GIS, Remote Sensing.