Authors :- Prajakta B. Kulkarni, Ankita A. Joshi

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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Parking problems have become ubiquitous and are growing at an alarming rate in every major city. It causes parking problems which leads to traffic congestion, driver’s frustration, and air pollution. When we visit various public places like shopping malls, multiplex cinema hall & hotels during festivals or weekends, it creates more parking problem. The searching for a parking space lead to 30% to 40% of traffic congestion. Because of this, car parking in turn causes the traffic issue. There are some problems related to car parking like: How to control the number of the car in the parking lot, monitoring the movement of car in/out side of the parking lot, check whether there is a place inside for more cars or not and the safety to park. This paper proposes a solution for these problems using the concept of Internet of Things. SPARKS is a fully automated system which senses the entry and exit of a car, displays the total number of cars parked in the parking lot on screen and how many free spaces are available in parking area.
Keywords:-Internet of Things, Sensing Unit, Arduino UNO Microcontroller, Image Processing, ANPR-Automatic Number Plate Recognition.