Authors : Sushant Mane, Abhishek Dhale, Saurabh Rajmane.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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This technique is renewable source of energyfor the development of the country we have to increase the amount of energy. He also says energy is the nearest and important thing. As the rate of population increases we need more amount of the energy. If we have to increase the standard of living we have to increase energy three to four times. This project is give idea for the electricity production which is pollution less and renewable. This project is used in the rural area where the electricity is not passing properly. In rural area it becomes costly to reach the electricity using transmission lines. This paper tell about how we use wasted energy is converted into electricity and that used for future use in many appliances.
Keywords:- Speed breaker, Roller mechanism, Electricity generation, Gear mechanism.