Authors : Sandeep Kumar, Rajita R Talekar, Manasa R.N, Tarun Kumar, TM Niveditha.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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The single phase Induction motor or Asynchronous motors are as ubiquitous as they are useful in serving as prime power sources for a seemingly limitless array of small-horsepower applications in industry and home. Thus controlling the speed of the Induction motor plays a significant role. Here the proposed system is designed to control the speed of Induction motor by android application using Wi-Fi, where remotely controlling the speed of an Induction motor is accomplished. The advantage of android is that it is an open source operating system is used in terms of Android application that is smart phone which will act as a remote controller. Android application which uses Internet to connect to the WIFI module of control circuit that is connected to the motor. We use internet to establish communication between the user and Monitoring unit, we are monitoring and controlling the speed of AC motor.
Keywords:- Node MCU, AC Induction motor, Speed sensor, LCD display, Mobile Phone, Router.