Authors : Shubham Sonawadekar, Mahesh Kunnurkar, Sunil Lohar, Siddesh Nevagi.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 12

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This paper represents automatic Star – Delta Starter of Three-Phase Induction Motors. This unit is developed for the automatic Star – Delta Starter operation of Three – Phase Induction Motors. This unit is developed to overcome all the disadvantages of conventional types of contractors used in the starting process of Three – Phase Induction Motor. In this unit the operation of Star – Delta Starter Conversion is entirely made automatic with the help of Raspberry-Pi. Now a days the processes & operations in electrical engineering field are going for entire automation, we can easily replace the big space consuming, complicated processes in electrical engineering field operation. The Opto-isolator is used to isolate the Digital Control Circuit from high voltage Power Circuit. The Raspberry-Pi is programmed in such a way that the starter operation automatically takes place based on the time delay provided.
Keywords:- Raspberry-Pi, Opto-isolator, Static Switch Module, Three – Phase Induction Motor.