Authors : S.G. Shukre, Dr. V. M. Kale.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 7

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Fluidized bed combustion is considered as one of the few key options to burn low grade fuels such as biomass and municipal waste. In Fluidized bed combustion, the fluidization process is very critical & behavior of fuel & air mix as a fluid is very significant for the combustion performance. A lot of research work has been conducted to investigate fluidization process &heat transfer characteristics of a typical fluidized bed furnace. This provides a useful start for understanding the furnace behavior in FBC boilers. This paper describes fuel particle relations to overall fluidization process with use of an experiment. Starting with a very brief review of the combustion process inside a fluidized bed boiler, paper elaborates on the concept of fluidization &its controlling parameters. With the help of this experimental set-up the paper throws light on the relations between fluidizing air velocity & particle size which contribute as a major factor in FBC furnace design.
Keywords:- Fluidization, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Superficial velocity, Voidage, Porosity.