Authors : Sonali.B.Patil, Vaishali.R.Shinkar.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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The purpose of this paper was to study sources of water pollution and loading concentrations in textile Dyeing mills and also design of UASB reactor and also aim that to study various treatment units of existing ETP. Textile industry is a big source or provides employment to India. In textiles the bleaching, dyeing, printing and stiffening of textile products in the various processing stages (fiber, yarn, fabric, knits, and finished items). The Influent waste water values of BOD and COD are found to be higher than Central Pollution Control Board, Government of India. At Raymond industry waste water coming from dyeing department in addition to this they add waste water from septic sewage.UASB reactor is high rate anaerobic biological reactor. It has high rate of anaerobic treatment capacity, Treatment efficiency well under mesospheric temperature condition it means temperature range from 25to 400C. UASB is cost effective treatment to treat waste water.
Keywords:- ETP, UASB.