Authors : Dr Muksan Putra Hatta.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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The structure of the mass of water in the coastal region of affected by fresh water. For this, information about the spread of fresh water in the sea is very important to discuss the air environment on the coast in penilitian this, do Observer the spatial distribution of water quality in the vicinity of the beach in Makassar when dry season. Observations made on August 7 and 8 2016 with the aim of describing the distribution of temperature, salinity, spatio chlorophyll-a and turbidity using water quality meter on 50 points around the coast of Makassar. The results of this research are outlined as follows: (i) low Salinity occurs only near the mouth of the River, this is because the small river discharge during the dry season and strong vertical mixing to occur in this region, (2) Chlorophyll-a in waters of the northern part of high. The supply of fresh water flowing into the coastal of nutrients, so that production of biological active in this area, (3) the highest level of Turbidity to occur on the ocean floor near the estuary River. Despite the drought, we find the influence of fresh water for water mass structure around the coast of Makassar. Will come, we will do the same observation in the rainy season.
Keywords:- Salinity, Klorofii-a, Turbidity, Makassar.