Authors : Sachin A. Gaikwad, Mukund M. Pawar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 6

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In Civil engineering, due to urbanization the demand for construction material increases, with the increase in demand there is a strong need to utilize alternative materials for sustainable development. Polystyrene (also known as EPS Foam or Styrofoam) is a highly popular plastic packaging material. Polystyrene is essentially nonbiodegradable and taking hundreds perhaps thousands of years to decompose in case of land filling. Other disposal methods or treatments methods are creating hazardous effect on environment. However, this material is having properties such as sound insulation, high thermal conductivity, and lightweight so we can use this material in concrete. This paper highlights the study of properties such as compressive strength and tensile strength of Polystyrene based concrete which is compared with conventional concrete.
Keywords:- Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength, Fine Aggregate, Waste Polystyrene.