Authors :-Madhuri patil, Pooja Tawate, Sarika Patil.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Smart street light system which operates automatically is not only easiest but also the intelligent system. This system can be set to operate in automatic mode, which regulates the street light according to brightness and dimness algorithm and light intensity. When vehicle pass by, the light will increases automatically, later decreases. This design can save a great amount of electricity compare to street lamps that keep a light during nights for this system power supply is given by solar panel and piezoelectric transducer placed on road. When a vehicle is passing on road then pressure is applied on it. According to property of piezoelectric material energy is generated when pressure is applied on it. Another power supply is from solar panel. The solar panel is placed on street light poles. In this system by using solar panels energy is generated. At the input stage, IR sensors used for vehicle detection and output stage, street lights are connected here LDR used, because of street light operation is not required in daylight.
Keywords:- Ldr, Pir Sensor, Solar panel, piezoelectric transducer, microcontroller.