Authors :- Dr. R. Manju, D. Savi

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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The synthesis of nanoparticles has developed over recent past years. The biosynthesis of nanoparticles from using plants, microorganism, macro organism and some biological methods. The synthesis of gold nanoparticles by green synthesis method using natural honey. The natural honey is an eco-friendly. It has a both reducing and stabilizing and it has no toxic substance. The honey has a rich nutrition value and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal activity. The natural honey and HAuCl4 (Chloroauric acid) dilute with water and react to produce gold nanoparticles at room temperature in 3hours. Honey is reducing capacity, so it reduced to indicate purple color indicates the presence of gold nanoparticles. It’s characterized by UV-Visible spectrum, TEM, FTIR.
Keywords: -Natural Honey, Gold Nanoparticles, TEM, FTIR, EDX.