Authors : Meer Balach Jamali, Syed Zaffar Iqbal.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Vitality emergencies are one of the most serious issue of Pakistan since 2009. It’s gaining out of power step by step, which caused by numerous reasons and with the assistance of our examination street light is one of the greatest reasons and its numbness drove our nation to the vitality emergencies. It can take 40% to 60% power of single city of all-around created nation and if it’s not controlled appropriately it can cause much more. Human life turns out to be excessively occupied and incapable making it impossible to discover time for manual exchanging framework at whatever point its vital. So, we go to the arrangement and composed our own model called automated model of street light using fuzzy logic however with the help of this model we can control the street lights system which keeps the wastage of energy and road accidents occurs due to bad light during day time. Utilizing and testing this method and logic in Uppaal tool for testing, we can save huge measure of vitality which assists us with solving vitality emergencies without utilizing any huge energy spending.
Keywords:- Automation of Street Lights; Fuzzy Logic; Uppaal; Software Testing.