Authors : Martha Silitonga, Afrizal, Wilson Novarino.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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The highlighted problem in this study is how the behavior of Talang mountain climbers intimates the preservation of Talang mountain environment. The threat to the existence of edelweiss plants on Talang Mountain as well as the waste produced during climbing Talang Mountain. The purpose of this study was to analyze the behavior of climbers related to edelweiss and trash plants on Talang Mountain. The source of the data in this study were 100 Talang mountain climbers aged 15 years and over, data were collected by filling out questionnaires, interviewing directly and documenting result. The results of the study showed that 85% of mountaineer’s behavior on Talang mountain are Pro climbers’ to preserve edelweiss flowers, while 15% performed that threatened edelweiss on Talang mountain such as picking, breaking twigs and removing edelweiss stems. On waste problems, the result showed that mountaineers have positive behavior around 74% for waste management. On the other hand, there is 20.6% for non-pro with the waste management disposing of garbage along the climbing path, disposing of garbage in the resort / post and disposing of garbage at the top of Talang Mountain.
Keywords:- environmental behavior, environmental sustainability, threat of environmental sustainability.