Authors : Takura Bhila.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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The research entails outlining the benefits brought about by designing an academic system for Primary Schools and Secondary schools for both private and public (government) schools including a general procedure of how one can achieve the automation. Open source software’s were encouraged with some basic procedure of how one can do it if adequate resources are gathered to achieve educational technology in developing countries. The system will automatically generate accurate student reports at the end of each term bringing efficiency in the schools’ environment. The system will also assist next levels at tertiary if they need to see the trend of a particular student’s grades. The work load for teachers will be reduced drastically by use of the system. The principal can assess teachers using the system whilst teachers can upload material to students like notes, syllabus, assessments and results.
Keywords:- Academic System, Automate, Open Source, Efficiency, Tertiary, Principal, Educational Technology.