Authors : Tania Gonzalez Marrufo.

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 Volume 3 Issue 12

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Political and social tensions between the Native Americans and the United States over land divisions and occupation created violent relations of power among Natives, British and Americans. The British-American War following the independence of The United States of Europe leads to the publication of Native American narrative. However the narrative of Elias Boudinot portrays a colonialist discourse emulated by a Cherokee, this can be explained as an effect of the colonialism internalized by a sector of the Native Americans.
The intention of this paper is to analyze the psychology of colonialism in order to prove this ideological colonization. The reader will be able to see through this paper how colonialism is internalized by the colonized, and how, through the mechanism of oppression, the oppressed ends up emulating the ideology of his oppressors. My research uses theories of post-colonialism (Black Skin, White Masks of Franz Fanon) and Decolonial Latin American theories to analyze the effects of colonialism in the speech delivered by Elias Boudinot: “An Address to the Whites”.
Keywords:- Native American, Elias Boudinot , Colonialism, Zone of non-being USA.