Authors :- Dea Nathisa M , Bustanul Arifin Noer

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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Turnover Intention can have an impact on the decline in employee performance, while the success of the company is mostly affected by the performance of its employees. Many efforts can be conducted in order to have an effective and efficient employee performance. By the fact many companies today use outsourced labor. One of them is PT. SCI Surabaya Branch where Outsourcing is referred to here are Non-Permanent Employees, and from the results by the number of Non-Permanent Employees in 2016 is 62% of the total number of Permanent Employees. From the results of surveys that have been done show that the turnover rate of Non-Permanent Employees PT. SCI Surabaya branch reaches 10.9% or as many as 37 employees in 2016. From the high level of turnover that occurs then please know what are the factors that influence the Turnover Intention employees can be suppressed.To answer the problem, in this research will be developed an empirical research model using 4 research variables, namely job satisfaction, organizational commitment, Turnover Intention, and employee performance. Of these four variables will be formulated in 5 research hypotheses. This study uses primary data obtained directly from the respondents through the distribution of questionnaires to Non Permanent Employees PT. SCI Surabaya Branch, with 150 respondents and data analysis using SEM-PLS.The result of the research shows that organizational commitment and job satisfaction have significant influence to turnover intention, for turnover intention variable and organizational commitment also have a significant effect on employee performance, while job satisfaction variable has no significant effect on employee performance. Suggestion of improvement given to PT. SCI Surabaya Branch at the end of the research in order to further improve its performance again.
Keywords:-Turnover Intention, Employee Performance, Job Satisfaction,bOrganizational Commitment.