Authors : Elvia Malbeni, Yulastri Arif, Mira Susanti.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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Quality services at hospital more and more decrease. this condition caused by some problems one of them is dissatisfaction customer to attitude employees who rarely smile, not friendly and rarely say hello. The aim of this research is to analyze the effectiveness training Smiling Program And Greeting Day inside change performance employee at Semen Padang Hospital in 2018. Design of this research is Quasi Experiment with approach pretest-posttest with control group. The Samples was 90 employees were taken with proportional random sampling. The results of this research shows the average performance employees on group intervention increase from 65, 82 to 68.91, while performance employees on group control decrease from 66.53 to 66.24. in detailed it is a significant difference between performance group control and intervention after given training with value p value 0.011. Suggestions for institution service to get it maintain and increase knowledge employees with do training on a the frowning that can increase performance employee so that quality service too increase.
Keywords:- Smiling Program And Greeting Day, Performance, Employees.