Authors : Kwame Baah, Awunge Esther Atuamah.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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Communication technologies improve teaching and learning processes. Computer network has positive impact on teachers, students and administrators for exchange of views and effective communications. This study presents an interpretive case study of assessing the effects of using computer network at Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, Kansoe in the Bongo District of Upper East Region of Ghana. In all, sixty respondents made of twenty (20) Teaching and Administrative staff and forty (40) students were randomly selected for the study.
The researcher collected data for this study by the use of questionnaire and interview and analysed it with the help of Microsoft Excel Application. Results of these analysis showed that students were interested to use the network in the College. Regardless of the high initial cost of setting up of the network it was observed that it has positive effects on teaching and learning processes. It was identified that the lecturers and administrators feel comfortable with the Local Area Network in the College. The network infrastructure was robust but there were challenges with constant Internet connectivity.
However, the study recommended that management and other stakeholders of the College should put the necessary measures for a reliable and efficient internet connectivity to link the College’s network infrastructure to the outside world to facilitate quick and smooth transmission of data.
Keywords:- Network, Internet, Communicate, Equipment.