Authors : Samer Radwan Hmeadat, Kamariah Binit Yunus.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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Teaching English in Jordan occupies an important area in the education policy. Different studies discussed how to promote students’ reading performance. The current study sought to investigate the EFL teacher’s attitudes and perspectives toward the synthetic phonetics for teaching first graders to master the ability to read words in Jordan. The sample of the study consisted of (150) EFL male and female teachers who work in different schools in Zarqa Directorate in Jordan. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher used the qualitative design (Questionnaire). The tool of study was a questionnaire which was divided into two domains, the knowledge of the synthetic approach and the practical instruction model. The results of the study showed a variety of attitudes and perspectives among the EFL teachers’ responses. Some of the findings were shocking; they revealed that a lot of teachers had no idea about the synthetic approach, how to teach it properly and how to assess it the right way. Findings of the study also revealed to what extent EFL teachers in Jordan needed training courses which enable them to do their profession well. The researcher recommended that EFl teachers should keep up to date modern instruction approaches in order to help their children increase their abilities in improving decoding and reading performance.
Keywords:- Phonics, synthetic approach, analytic approach, phonological awareness, L2 acquisition, letter-sound correspondences and literacy.