Authors :-Dr Darwis M Kes.

Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 6

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This type of qualitative research through fenomenology approach, Adolescence is a time of transition, where time is crucial in the determination of a person’s life overall. This period is a period prone by negative influences, such as drugs. Drug relationship with teenagers nowadays is very tight. This means that many cases involving drug abuse teens. The biggest factor that becomes the cause is psychological instability of the teenager in the face of the problems of life in family, school, and community, in addition to other factors such as environmental influences or powerful drug syndicates. Drug abuse provides a very broad impact. Not only for the teenagers themselves, but also for people in the surrounding area include the social impact to psychological. Various methods of recovery for drug abusers into alternative areas such as Integrated Counselling Methods. However, once caught the drug then it will be hard to break free from it. Therefore, how important countermeasures that include preventive (precautionary), cure (eradication), and construction (socialization-promotif). Need the participation and awareness of all parties, parents and family until adolescence itself.
Keywords: Policy, Teenagers, Generation, Impact, Family