Authors : Raden Surahmat, Meri Neherta, Nur Ariati.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 12

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Patient safety goals implementation is one of the indicators of the quality assurance system of assessment (accreditation) nursing services at hospital. This research aims to know the implementation of patient safety goals by nurses after the accreditation of hospital in Palembang, South Sumatra. This research is a quantitative research using survey method of analytic with 96 sample nurse who performed on the March to may in 2018 using a questionnaire. The method of sampling non-probability sampling method with the total sampling techniques. Analysis of univariate data using independent variables were analyzed using standard scoring 80% based on a standard assessment of the Committee on Accreditation of hospitals. The results showed the implementation of patient safety goals category either (84.4%) with details of identification accuracy good 70.8%, effective communication good 94.8%, the security of good medicine 76.0%, exactly the procedure, the patient’s good operating location 87.5%, reduction of risk of infection both 50.0% patient fall risk reduction and good 51.0%. Expected to the hospital to build awareness of the importance of patient safety by supporting nurses in integrating activity oriented on patient safety.
Keyword: – Accreditation, Nursing, Patient Safety Goals.