Authors : Zulaecha Ngiu.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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The right to obtain education in the State of Indonesia has been guaranteed in Article 31 of the 1945 Constitution which reads “Every citizen has the right to education and teaching”, referring to article 31 of the 1945 Constitution, it means that whoever he is as a child living in Indonesia has the right to obtain education. Education is a planned effort that is carried out to realize the learning atmosphere and learning process so that students actively develop their potential to have spiritual spiritual knowledge and strength, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and skills needed by themselves, society, nation, and country. In terms of giving a moral message to the activities and learning process, it is the responsibility of all parties or all teaching staff in all subjects, so far only religious teachers, Civics, and Counseling Guidance have always been scapegoats when the character changes from the values in school for the sake of the continuation of the conducive school condition requires the cooperation of all parties involved including parents. In the environment around us has provided a lot of evidence, in fact, not all people who have brain intelligence, have a high degree reach the point of success in their work. Often people with lower formal education actually pursue a better career. Because basically not just brain intelligence or knowledge is needed, but how do we also have to be able to balance with the emotional intelligence formed by our own character.
Keywords:- Education, Value Education.