Authors : Emon Ojha.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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Swami Vivekananda once Said- “If in this hell of a world one can bring a little joy and peace even for a day into the heart of a single person, that much alone is true; this I have learnt after suffering all my life; all else is mere moonshine.” Peace Education is becoming popular day by day. The peace education’s purpose is to introduce, amplify, condense and positioned the outset of the thinking of the students regarding the concept of peace. There are many approaches to peace education has lot of thoughts that basically depends on ideology, realistic experience and good passions. Peace is the kind of internal and external mental satisfaction that effect life directly. This is might be rely on educating our next offspring with the skills, attitudes, sights and values and behavioural structures that would help them to make and sustain peace in the era of 21st century. The need for peace education is huger than ever before with a totality approach to get authenticity. Peace education is more relevant in look of the several terrorist attacks and the mounting tension for show down many countries at the present scenario. This paper stresses the idea by which awareness and consciousness about peace education can create peace. The researcher highlighted on inculcating peace education in educational institutions.
Keywords:- Imparting Peace Education for 21st Century, Peace, Peace Education, Peace Transaction.