Authors :-M.V.K.Mehar, G.S.S.Gopinath, V.Somashekarao.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Biomass occupies the third primary energy in India and remains the principal energy source in rural areas and different traditional sectors even with many commercial energies. 90% of biofuels in rural villages and 40% in urban areas are mainly using in water heating and cooking food similarly 56% of total bio mass energy contributes in conventional and craftsman industries as wood fuels. Biomass involving in power generating technology which fulfills the niche applications i.e supplying electricity in decentralized location further its produce biowaste. Uttar Pradesh produces highest biomass based power generating about 6045MW later Punjab with 3585 MW followed by Maharashtra with 3139 MW,Haryana with 2300 MW per every year and respectivelybut these values varies significantly due to facing lot of challenges. Atmospheric conditions i.e. raining, fog, moisture etc. are the main difficulties to collection of biomass thereby coal based electricity generation becoming competing source. Households are the main source of supplying biomass then government supplying through forestry. Biomass technology existing since last decades for motive power, thermal power and gassfire technology in India.
Keywords:- Biomass Energy, Electricity Generation, Wood Materials and collection, challenges.