Authors :-Nur Syamsu, Patta Rapanna, Ardiansyah Halim.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Waste is one of important problem society in our country and especially of Makassar; it needs a serious interest of the society commonly and also especially for the government of Makassar, because of it can be the source of serious problem in the society. Considering the importance of that case, so this research focuses to observe and analyze the paradigm of and the strategic policy in managing waste by the government of Makassar, South East Sulawesi. This research is qualitative design and using phenomenology approach. Based on this research shows that the government of Makassar, with the shortcomings and challenges and barriers experienced in handling the waste problem has also been fully aware of this, but to apply the new paradigm of management still feels hard to be done because of the limited understanding of the various communities of the society in the city about waste as a resource and threat for the future.
Keywords:- waste, Management, Sociaty,Strategiy.