Authors : Sumit Jain, Sahil Mehta, Soumya K N.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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The availability of cheap technology has resulted in millions of people possessing handheld and other devices. When millions of people use these devices trillions of Petabytes of data be it structured, semistructured or unstructured is regenerated which in today’s generation is called Big Data. A huge chunk of this data belongs to the healthcare center which is a very imperative aspect in today’s life. A wide variety of challenges are faced by the healthcare industry on a daily basis which includes locating , analyzing and supervising vital information about patients to lead them a healthier life by considering diseases , therapies and to an extent predicting outcomes at an earlier stage and make real time decisions Our main agenda here is to highlight the potential Big Data Analytics offers in healthcare and explore how it makes advancement to treatments and provides an edge to patients, doctors and scientists. Our agenda also does describe about various key technologies of big data and what it has to offer in gathering huge chunks of data to have a deeper understanding of people’s routine like their daily diet or the amount of exercise they do to predict outcomes. The following allows doctors and patients to draw solutions in preventing and curing life threatening diseases at an earlier stage thus promoting the patient’s health and simultaneously reduce costs by getting immediate and best treatment.
Keywords:- Big Data; Health Care; Analytics; EHR.