Authors :-  Gëzim Bushi , Brunilda Subashi , Saad Masood Butt , Etjona Hoxha , Evisa Çorrokaj , Martin Mejia Martinez

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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Introduction: The development of digital technology and the use of the Internet has now become part of our life in every aspect of it, from almost all active ages.Purpose and Objectives: To know the goals of technology used by students.Methodology: This is a descriptive study, realized in the auditorium B-401 at the students of the second year of the Albanian Language – Literature branch, during the period 17 May – 17 June 2017, through an applied instrument found by browsing the literature.Results: The sample consists of 50 female students who use every day mobile internet to read in any Wi-Fi environment which consists of chatting (21%), participating in social networks (17%), downloading music/ video (14%), getting information on school assignments (12%) or sending/ receiving-mail (12%). The other part of students use everyday internet to get information on books/ literary topics (9%), to read/ participate in blogs and forums on books and literary topics (6%), to read digital newsletters/ magazines (5%) and to download books (4%). They use the internet once a week minimum to get information on books/ literary topics and once a month to download books, to read/ participate in blogs, forums on books and literary topics or to read digital newsletters / magazines.Recommendations: monitoring students’ usage and attitudes toward technology, how to provide the best support to those students who are not using the digital technology, and to provide a clear sense of the benefits of it.
Keywords— Trend, Technology, Students, Chat, Social Network.