Authors : Tawisa Pipatthitikorn, Yoshiki Mikami.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Economic growth is accelerated by the power of science, technology and innovation (STI). For national policy-planners, a deep understanding of the importance of cross-sector linkages among key actors in National Innovation Systems (NIS) can help identify suitable policies. Thus, the appropriate policy-relevant indicators for monitoring and improving country STI performance play a crucial role in policy planning and evaluation process. Recently, STI Performance Index (STIPI) consists of 21 policy-relevant STI indicators, has been developed focusing on cross-sector linkages. The study aims to investigate how to utilize and apply STIPI in NIS framework by studying the lessons of top performing countries and using Thailand as a case study of developing country. Based on the results, we can state that economic growth has been enhanced by adequate STI policy, focusing on the promotion of cross-sector linkages among actors. These findings give the valuable lessons for developing countries, including Thailand.
Keywords:- STI performance; National Innovation System (NIS); STI indicator; cross-sector linkages.