Authors :- Ajay Kushwaha, Ankita Mishra, Komal Kamble, Rutuja Janbhare

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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Theft of valuable objects is some of the never-ending problems in the world. Several detecting devices are already available in the market today. Example of such is to provide an alarm which can be activated using a remote control. Unfortunately, these devices had no provision to automatically detect theft attempts by alarming the owner. To solve this problem, Camera footage based theft detection will be used in this project with the help of image processing to detect theft occurrence. The system will capture the image frames and by comparing the two frames, it will be able detect motion and immediately an alert message will be sent to the owner along with captured image and options such as neglect, call the police or fire brigade.
Keywords—Anti-Theft Device, Image processing, Raspberry Pi, RANSAC, Camera module, Motion Detection