Authors :-Ashish Fande, Saquib Ziya, Dharmpal Navghare, Gaurav Tumble, Girish Admane, Sumedh Patil, Salman Khan.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Motion vehicles are designed based on the usage, i.e. either indoor or outdoor. The cost of vehicle may not be reasonable for a common man. So the focus is laid on the simplicity in design, high performance, easy maintenance & safety at very reasonable price. Details component used and designing factors while designing the tricycle has been provide in this paper. This tricycle is very resourcefully designed and can be proved as a better replacement for the original models used by the handicapped keeping in mind the factors such as safety, cost of production and performance of tricycle. In this tricycle we have worked on the braking system and wheel diameter. We have applied the centralized braking system ,as it reduces the vibration and will be helpful whilestopping the vehicle and will not allow to skid the vehicle And it’s operation works on combine braking system single lever operated, which is mounted centrally bye linkages. And the wheel diameter of the front wheel is kept small as it reduces the effort and torque. This tricycle especially for handicapped person of ANANDVAN organization started by Dr. Baba Amte in Warora taluka of Maharashtra state (India). The association is working for the leprosy affected people. In this paper it is discussed that how tricycle will help to reduce the effort of handicapped person. All the designs requirement measured after analyzing the complications from the handicapped person. Ease of the person in the tricycle is an important and we have given importance to it.
Keywords:- Cost, Safety, Design, Braking system, Wheel diameter, Performance.