Authors :- Pranay Thergaonkar, Mohit Nagpal.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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There is a rapid increase in the requirement of building materials in India due to the existing condition of transformation from temporary housing to a permanent housing causing shortage of housing material . But construction industry is still using old methods, techniques and conventional technologies. The real focus is to provide a cheap housing which is not that durable and thus innovatively thinking is never kept in focus and so it compromises with cheap material which affects durability and performance of building ultimately reducing the life cycle of structure and so the fact is that the proper path to achieving economy goes through proper technique and innovative thinking. Lowcost and affordable housing is a better way to provide the shelter to the lower middle class and poor families which can be reached through the use of proper techniques. To achieve effective and affordable housing a material known as GFRG(Glass fiber reinforced gypsum) has been studied. Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) wall panel consist of gypsum in its plaster form and glass fiber which are bonded together to form a composite material in form of a panel. This panel’s are hollow from inside and so can be used as load bearing walls. The hollow cores inside the walls is filled with reinforced concrete or in-situ plain.There are various other material which can be used for affordable housing but in this study the main focus is kept on GFRG .
Keywords: – Affordable housing, GFRG, in-situ plain.