Authors :-Archie O. Pachica, Ryan B. Badana, Rey M. Depeña, Fatima Marie B. Muring, Maricar A. Tadena

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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This research study was conducted to develop a mobile application for real time tracking and monitoring tracked routes. The features that have been enhanced by the researchers were based on the existing applications which lacks of features that presented in this application. The study helps to view the previous tracked route in a single map while user is currently tracking. In this study, users will know which way they have been already and where is their current location. The application has history where user can view previous routes which are categorized by city and municipality. This application also can take pictures while tracking. Pictures can be pinned in the map and can give information on where it was taken. The researchers concluded that this study is a successful one since the application was able to pass the usability and functionality testing.
Keywords:-Track Log, GPS App, Route Tracking, Geolocation, Route Monitoring.