Authors :-Akshaya, Bhavya, Bapitha B, Jinsha K J.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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This system proposes a Laptop tracking system in order to overcome the theft of Laptop being stolen or misplaced using Laptop tracking Software. In this system once the user gets the laptop he must register with the admin. Then the user installs the application (laptop tracking software) in the laptop. If the user laptop is stolen, then the user can login into his account through a particular website and sends the alert that the laptop is stolen. Now the particular laptop status will be in lost list. When the application in the user laptop receives the message that the laptop is being lost or stolen, it track the location of the user, captures the image of stealer ,encrypts the data, locks the specific drives, and sends the message to the user/owner of the laptop. This can also be done by incorporation a sensor which can enable and disabled through via SMS/Miscalls or can be done manually. All these processes are done offline.
Keywords:- sms, email, image capture,encrypt, drive lock.