Authors : Fory Armin Naway.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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The objectives of this activity are: 1) to manage agricultural human resources, especially corn farmers in supporting community empowerment programs. 2) fostering a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship for the community to establish an independent business, because this corn steak business is very easy to run, ingredients and ways to make it also easy. Savory flavors in corn steaks can produce benefits for those who run them. 3) adding knowledge to the public about how to process B2SA-based food products (Diverse, Nutritious, Balanced, and Safe) especially in making corn steaks. The method used for the achievement of goals in this Nationalism KKN program activities is to use the method of direct assistance in the field in the form of training practices for B2SA-based corn steak making for the community in the Village Dumbayabulan. The main targets that become partners in the National KKN program are people, especially housewives who are still productive and members of the Dasa Wisma group in Dumbayabulan Village by involving local village government officials, Government officials of East Suwawa Subdistrict, Food Security Office, Bone Bolango District, Dinas Bone Bolango Regency Agriculture, Field Supervisor, National Student KKN participants, as well as experts who have the quality of human resources/experts in the field of processing food products, especially corn products.
Keywords:- Corn Steak, B2SA.