Authors : Priyanka Mokale.

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 Volume 3 Issue 5

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My research is based on the Solid waste management of religious places. My research field is Shirdi. As like we see the SWM this issue is very neglected in the India from last decade. Because of rapid urbanization proper SWM is really need of time. Also as urban policy and governance point of view as like urban planning, urban governance, urban housing, urban water, sanitation Urban solid waste management is also an important aspect for the urban development. Reduction of garbage, reuse and recycle it is main motto of Solid waste management. In my research I am seeing the overall view or picture of Shirdi Solid waste management, how it’s current s ituation. Also as governance aspect point of view I am seeing the work of SMC towards the implementation of solid waste management. What are the different method using to disposal of SW, awareness in between in between the people about the solid waste management. In my literature I focus on the health impacts because of poor solid waste management, and how is the other cities like tourist as well as religious cities managing their solid waste. As a tourist or religious place how is the solid waste is manage d by those cities municipalities and by seeing that I do a comparison of those cities SWM situation with Shirdi SWM. According to SBM how much percentage of people have awareness in between people to implementation of solid waste management. How much impor tant is the Solid waste management in the Municipal works that I am seeing through my research.